Every Thought in Your Head is Not Your Own.

So today I posted a couple of videos on Instagram and Facebook about something that has been in my heart for a couple of days… and in doing so it got me thinking that maybe I’ll try my hand at posting a short video every Wednesday entitled, “Wellness Wednesdays”.

Anyway, my first video today is about our thoughts and how a lot of them are really not of our own making… not initially anyway… especially the negative thoughts we tend to replay over and over again in our heads that can become detrimental to our wellbeing if we allow them to take root.

If we are not careful we start to believe in all the negative things that we’ve heard about ourselves throughout our lives and those negative thoughts can very quickly become the your story we believe we are.

Hopefully in this day and age we all know that telling a child they are bad or evil when they act out or telling them they are stupid or useless when they make a mistake are terrible things to say to them.  Doing this causes a child to grow up with confusing images of themselves and low or no self esteem.

But we still do these things as adults to other adults.  We judge each other sometimes verbally and at times can be very cruel in our criticism for simply having an opposing point of view on a subject… and sometimes for even something as petty as a movie we might like, fashion sense or choice of hairstyle.

Well… Here’s the two part video. So… what are your thoughts? 😉




In Order To Hold On to Your Sanity In An Insane World…

Walk Away from the Edge.


It has been a rough few weeks. It seems everyday we are hit with one more thing that tempts to shake us off our course of ellevation.

Mass shootings, race based police brutality, children being separated from their parents, and yes… crazy ass presidential tweets and racist ideas that make fear and hatred; that were already on a slow simmer, come to a rolling boil.  This mixture of fear and hatred is overheating. It is threatening to blow the ill fitting lid off the scorched, dented and abused pot of democracy that has seen much better days.

Are the truths we hold really true… For all?  Do we still lift a lamp beside the golden door for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free? Or do we build walls so high that Lady Liberty’s bright and welcoming light is snuffed for a certain group that we find maybe just a little too tempest tossed and wretched for our taste?

It seems to not end.

We hear on the news of death by suicide.  Some of us look at others and think theirs lives glitter like gold. But the people whose lives we think are so much better than ours realize that all that glitters on the outside is not enough to hide the darkness and the pain they carry within. No one ever knows the true struggle of another and we damn sure will never learn the answers to why.  Even the note left behind could never reveal their true pain and hopelessness.  img_20180314_070744_4981153384702869099052.jpg

At times, standing too close to that fine line between our real personal reality and the chaotic reality of the outside world can make stepping across that line very tempting.  No matter how grounded we may be on Sunday,  Monday you may wake up, throw your feet over the side of the bed and find the floor has disappeared.

cropped-img_20180605_083316_837.jpgIn order to hold on to our sanity in an insane world we have to find ways of stepping away from the edge.

Finding ways to step away and decompress after being bombarded with so much hate, fear, sadness and confusion is not always easy.  And that’s not even mentioning the personal struggles we all go through on the daily just to “survive.”

Sometimes we feel torn and even guilty. We may have just gotten our own lives back on track or are still trying to find a light at the end of our own dark tunnel. We may want or feel we need to do something or maybe do more but we just don’t know what or how.  We risk becoming depressed and beginning our own downward spiral into hopelessness. But we must remember that we can only do so much to help to right some of the wrongs of the world. Remembering too that we must make sure of our own footing as we move forward.

Detachment is not a bad thing. Sometimes detaching ourselves from the outside world… stepping away from it all for a time could be what’s needed to focus on what we can do in our own way to bring about change.cropped-58902b7f0e4d1e0929c1046cc73bd396.jpg

When we feel ready and are confident of our own footing… when we have regained our inside quiet and have gotten the answers to how best we can help in whatever situation we feel a need to help in, only then can we move ahead knowing that our own well being is intact and not in jeopardy.


Until then be well<3