Cultivating a Peaceful Home

Have you ever walked into someones home and felt instantly at peace and wonder admiringly how they seem to always have such a stress free clutter free space?  Well, there is an art to this way of life.

But achieving your own peaceful sanctuary, one that speaks to you personal needs is possible through daily ritual. I try not to use the word “chore”, it just sounds so… well like a chore.

Disclaimer: If you live with someone that is not quite as eager as you are to practice a life of uncluttered bliss, this can be a struggle.🙋🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

Don’t say you weren’t warned! But I have also found there is a balance in this struggle as there is always a give and take in any relationship… Right? And a healthy balance of give and take keeps your home pretty stress free as well.

An example of one of my morning rituals most always consists of making my bed.  I find that doing so,  I function so much better in my entire space.  The process of my bed making ritual is like meditation for me.  I am mindful of the every detail.  And with ever wrinkle smoothed there is an intention of calm… a positive hope of what the day will bring…  Or maybe a contemplation of some fragment of a dream left over from the previous nights slumber.


It also allows me to clear any negative thoughts or problems I may have on my mind.  This clearing offers the space I need to find solutions to issues I may be dealing with at the time.

Below I’ve listed some ideas that may help in your never ending pursuit clutter free home. Mind you I say never ending because it is a daily process.

Some of these tips I practice on a daily basis. Some of them I honestly could be more consistent with.  And others I may need to incorporate myself. Like I said, it’s a process.


1. Create a Chill Zone: 

This comes in handy especially if you live in a small space or with just live with other people in your spaces period. The chill zone should be a designated area that everyone knows is off limits to the rest of the madness that may be going on in your home. When you’re there anyone living with you should know that you need some space right now… OK!?

2. Make Your Bed Everyday: 

20180327_090819I mentioned this ritual above. But to be clear… You do not have to strive for magazine photo shoot ready perfection.  Just the process of pulling up the sheets and smoothing them out is a great feeling and adds to and over all stress free home. That said,  if you do nothing else for the rest of the day, at least you’ve accomplished one thing! And as Zen Buddhist Priest and author Karen Maezen Miller states, “The state of your bed reflects the state of your head.” So there!

3. Ditch the Alarm Clock:


The shrillness of a loud alarm clock is definitely a good way to start your day off on a stressful note. And that stressful energy lingers long after you throw the clock across the room to get it to shut up!  An alternative could be letting natural light be your wake up call instead.  Add translucent shades, blinds or curtains and let the sunshine be your wake up call!

4. De-Clutter:


If there is one thing you take away from this list let it be this… Don’t hang on to anything with negative energy!  This means gifts from past bad or failed relationships and old outdated or unwearable clothing need to go.  Throw these things out or bless them and regift them to someone in need.  But before you regift perform another little ritual by making sure wearable gifts are clean… Please and thank you! You can also cleanse unwashable items by letting them sit out in the sun to release any negative energy surrounding them before you send them on their way to a new home.  If you have unfinished projects laying around either finish them or let it go. Seeing these things in your space only clutters your mind with thoughts of failure or regret.

5. End the Evening with a Ritual:


Like your morning ritual a night time ritual or two can be very meditative and relaxing.   Like washing and putting away the dishes before bed. This and also keeps your stress down in the morning… Because who wants to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes?  Or maybe choosing and setting out your outfit for the next day so that you’re not feeling rushed in the morning.  Ending the evening with a hot cup of relaxing tea is another nice way to end the day and keeps your home energy stress free as it quiets your thoughts for a pleasant nights sleep.

6. Keep House Plants or Buy Fresh Flowers:


I love seeing and taking care of nature in my space! Studies have shown that plants reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and also cleans the air in your home.  I can testify to all of that! Another way to bring some calm and beauty in is to treat yourself to fresh flowers every once in awhile. You don’t have to wait for someone else to declare it a special occasion… You are the special occasion… Be nice to you!

7. Use a Kitchen Timer for Your Least Favorite Tasks:

I honestly haven’t tried this one but I definitely will consider adding a kitchen timer app to my phone cause a sistah hates folding laundry… Nope… folding laundry is definitely not my favorite thing. It would also be good for another one of my least favorite things to do… answering or deleting email. Just set the timer for 15 – 20 minutes. When the bell chimes it releases you from your drudgery and you can move on to the something more enjoyable…. like eating cookies or netflix bingeing… Or both…oooh at the same time!!🤔

8. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use:

I try to do this nightly as I am overly stimulated by all the on stand by lights and humming electronics create.  I sometimes even do this during the day.  Hey… If I’m not using something electrical, why have it on?  I know it’s not feasible to turn off everything, like the refrigerator for instance.  But cell phones, laptops, televisions, etc… It’s just too much! And in the evening it could be keeping you from getting a good nights sleep as well.

9. A Place for Organizing Small 

Searching for your keys or your glasses all the time is just one more stress inducing activity! Little things like keys, glasses, remote controls and mail should have a place of their own; maybe a decorative box near the t.v. for the remote controls, a hanging basket on a wall for mail or a shelf my the front door for keys so they are easy to find and out of the way. As for eye glasses, makes sure they’re not on your head first… What? It happens!🧐🤓

10. A Soothing Color Palate:


Calming colors throughout your space gives an overall feeling of peace and tranquility. I know… some people love their bright bold colors.  And I say to each his/her own!!  I have gone from bright to mid-tone and now to neutrals and whites and grays.

Currently I have found for me that less is more as far as inside colors go.  Colors have such varying effects on different people.  Lately I’ve tended to be very sensitive to loud colors in my own private space.  For instance… right now anyway… there is nothing more stress free, peaceful and comforting as climbing inside a bed of white cotton bed linens. But moods change… right? So go with what feels right for you 😉

I hope that you try some of the ideas on this list of ten.  If you do, or if you have some your own you’d like to share, please do so or leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from from.

Live Well… Ellavate7!

Easter Morning

It is five o’clock on a Sunday morning. I sit in front of my computer. My thoughts are like elusive gold fish; fast and slippery. They swim erratically through my mind and I fail to lure any of them long enough to catch.

And then something occurs to me… It’s Easter Sunday. What better time to start again, renewed, refreshed… alive.

It also seems the perfect time to introduce to you the reasoning behind the title of my website/blog… Ellavate7.

Ellavate7 is a combination of my beloved mother Ella’s name and the fact that I am her 7th. child. It also signifies this moment in my life. It is a call to action. An internal longing to rise higher… to elevate!

So as I finish doing my morning stretch, turn the coffee maker on and check my phone, I sit back down at the computer. That school of elusive fish have disappeared, and my thoughts are calm.

I close my eyes.

An image of my mother appears and she is standing over my bed. I am a child again and it is Easter Sunday morning. A gloriously beautiful morning… but I am still in bed hiding from the world.

The early morning sunlight finds its way to my bedroom window, winks around the edges of the vinyl roll up shade and encases my mother in a breath taking halo of ethereal light. She pulls the crumpled bed sheets from my head… I giggle. In my heart her voice beckons me… “Get up Andrea… Elevate. It is a new day!”


Happy Sun~Day.


Chill vs. Lean In

I find that navigating through life without a lot of undue stress is about being able to stay pliable through its many ebbs and flows. Sometimes you just have to plant your feet, ground yourself and lean in. While other times laying back and meditating on the rhythm of the waves is just what you need to float the currents before moving forward on your path.

The ability to feel in your gut the time to act and the time to be still is inherent within us all.  It is up to us individually to pay attention to the signals that our intuitive selves sends us.  But we must learn the language of Self.  Sitting in silent contemplation is vital to learning this language and helps to develop our creative selves.  But we must also apply to the outside world what we have learned in stillness in order to create a positive change.

Over this last decade our society has gotten even more preoccupied with busy-ness. We pride ourselves on working non stop throughout the day and often remark how there just seems not to be enough time in our days to fit in even more things to do.

But there is a balance. The balance between To Do and Not Do is so essential to our wellness. Doing too much, we risk our physical and emotional health. Doing too little, we risk creative expansion.

What can we do to find balance:

1. Take a break if you’re feeling blocked creatively.  Sometimes creative blockage is intuition speaking to you.  Even if it’s only five minutes every hour while at work to focus on your breathing or stretching and checking your posture can help your creative flow.

2. Stay hydrated.  It’s amazing how dehydrated we can become during the day. One sign is brain fog.  Have a drink of water every hour to help replenish and refresh your body.

3. Take 5 – 10 minutes upon waking and before bed for meditation or reflection.  What did you accomplish today… What do you want to accomplish tomorrow? End your meditation or reflection with another 5 or 10 minutes of stillness. Focus on your breathing, heartbeat or nothing at all. Don’t hold on to any one thing when you’re done.   Either get up and start your day or let your mind relax even more and drift off to sleep.

Tree pose.jpg

4. Get up and get out! If you’re feeling stagnant MOVE! If you can’t leave the house, put on some uptempo music and dance… Get your blood pumping and let the child in you out to play! If mobility is an issue, do a craft or play a game with a child, play with your pet, nurture a plant!FB_IMG_1524136592560.jpg

5. When you are feeling overwhelmed… Be Still.  Do nothing at all.  Have a day of silence. Take a quiet walk in nature.  Or help someone else accomplish a goal they’ve been struggling with.  You’ll be amazed at how sometimes helping someone else in their accomplishment will create a spark for your own creative flame.IMG_20180312_075309_849

In the mean time… Stay Balance and Be Well!

Ellavate7 ❤



The Journey Begins

And so it begins… A journey once more to self.
Where it will lead at this time in my life I am not sure. But I am sure of this…
My willingness to embark on this journey comes from an internal wisdom.
To float with the clouds and ride the waves one must have clarity… A clear insight into self.
I am now aware that I captain my ship. I trust my ability to harness the changing clouds and ride those sometimes turbulent waves… This ebb and flow of life.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Thanks for joining me! Continue reading The Journey Begins