I am number 7 in a family of 11.  I am married for almost 34 years now.  I have a handsome grown son and a beautiful grown daughter and two very very beautiful and strong willed grandsons!

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but moved from there in 1995 to live in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands… the island of St. Thomas to be exact!

My interest are many.

I come from a family of seven sisters… that’s eight girls! Among a host of other issues that go along with living in a family of eight women, growing up we all had heads of thick long hair! Most Saturdays included an assembly line of getting our hair shampooed.  The first sister would get shampooed and then another sister would comb through her thick tangles and plait her hair.  The freshly shampooed and plaited sister would then have to shampoo the next sister, and so on and so forth.

By the time it came to doing my hair, which was extra thick and long no one wanted to tackle it. And so, whomever was forced into the mission of combing through my black mass of tangles would wind up pulling and raking it into submission and causing me much agony in the process! This Saturday hair torture routine was not fun.  I knew at an early age that I had to learn to take care of my own thick and willful gravity defying coils if I wanted them to last.

In my teens I began styling my sisters hair and also cutting my younger brothers hair. People would often ask my advice on how to take care of or style their hair.  After graduating from high school, giving birth to my son, and not having a clue as to what direction my life was headed I enrolled in cosmetology school.

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years.  My specialty is in natural hair care but I take much pleasure in teaching and encouraging women; no matter their style preference, the importance of embracing their own style and learning to take care of and nurturing their own crowning glory!

As I mentioned, my interests are many.  I am a creative soul… we all are!

From an early age, much to my mother’s chagrin I had a love for designing interior spaces. No matter where I lived I’ve always loved styling, redesigning and repositioning the spaces I shared with my family. It seemed even as an adolescent I knew the importance of living in a space that inspires creativity,  provided sanctuary from outside stresses, and most importantly was an environment where everyone that shares those spaces could coexist in them as peacefully as possible.  As we evolve our living spaces should evolve with us.

Once again, friends and family would ask my advice about styling their own interiors so I decided to take a course in interior design.  About sixteen years ago I studied and became certified as an Interior Stylist from New York Institute of Art and Design.  I consider myself an Intuitive Stylist… meaning an ability to help people create peaceful and nurturing living spaces not by trying to sell them on the latest trends but by listening to their needs and helping them to create functional spaces where they feel more creative, inspired and peaceful.

I also like to write when I am inspired to do so.  So I took a writing course.  Which led me to writing a manuscript.  I’ve also been known to hold a tune pretty well… So I took a couple of voice lessons.  Which led me to singing in a couple of really good local bands here on St. Thomas.

I’ve also had a couple of health scares in my life and needed to take better care of my physical health so I studied and became certified in fitness and nutrition.

I love learning about all things pertaining to taking care of and nurturing my best self… a bonus is that it inspires others to do the same.

I have also modeled, done local television commercials, radio voice overs and I’ve even been on the cover of and was featured inside of a national health, fitness and beauty magazine for African American women. My life has taken many twists and turns.

But at this stage in life, I’ve come to realize that pursuing my sometimes fragmented dreams or learning more about the things that were initially intended to help me achieve my own personal best have always allowed me to help others in some way.

Searching for so long and trying to figure out what my life should be about or what career would be best for me I’m finding my purpose is to live my own life in a way that inspires those I meet to search for, follow or live their own authentic path.

But when I follow intuition my alignment with nature is strong and steady.  I try to live my life in accordance with the laws of the universe … the cycles of nature often guide me.

The balance and cycles of nature inspires and also at times frightens me.  But by taking time to observe the ebb and flow of nature whether calm or turbulent,  it teaches me the lessons I need to navigate through life.  And just like nature, no matter the weather or situation I am evolving.
Nature with its twists,  curves and many cycles… is perfection!

Life, on the other hand, is not always perfect.

I feel there is a need to balance in all areas of life. I find that when I am not living my best self it is because I am not fully practicing a well balanced life… That I am out of sync with the natural cycles of life. Whether it is exercise, nutrition, work or play, in whatever way I see myself… my goal is be centered, come back to, or to regain my balance.

What’s up with the name Ellavate7?

There are a number of reasons I chose the name Ellavate7 for my blog.  Ella was the name of my mother.  It is out of love and respect for her, her love of me and my siblings and her guidance throughout my life that I incorporate her name for many things that I do, including my blog.  It is my wish to constantly hold her high in heart and mind.  And the number 7 of course, as I mentioned earlier I am the seventh born in my family!

Elevation is what I am constantly seeking in all things… and this is what you will find throughout my posts… the constant elevation of number 7. ELLAVATE7!

I hope that you will join me on my journey, that we will be inspire each other to continue to rising higher, or that you start your own journey of elevation.  May you find bits of wisdom and lots of balance along the way!


Ellavate7! ❤

2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. You are an amazing soul!!! Your journeys have been nothing less than incredible. I love how you birthed all of your abilities out of simple interests and then shared them unselfishly with those who needed your assistance. I’m looking forward to your blogs. Keep them coming!!! ❤️🎈💐🧚🏾‍♂️

    Liked by 1 person

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