There is a Difference Between Ignorance and Stupidity.

My Thoughts Are…

When a well adjusted rational person is ignorant about certain things, there is a good chance that when their ignorance is brought to light or even better… their experience has enlightened them, they will learn… if they are open to the possibility.

Stupidity by contrast is the inability to be open to or failing to learn when your ignorance on a subject is brought to your attention. Or worse… you fail to heed the lessons or choose not to see the reality of the situation.

And no… I am not talking about reading, writing or arithmetic.

The past couple years we seem to have been inundated by a different kind of stupidity… A cruel kind of stupidity.  And in some cases, this type of cruel stupidity is accompanied by fake ignorance.

This particular kind of stupidity and ignorance is used to hide a lack of compassion and empathy for others.  A lack of compassion and empathy cloaked as ignorance in order to promote the agenda of The Stupid and The Cruel.  Sometimes people feign ignorance about another person’s cruel stupidity to hold onto a way of life they fear is slipping away from them.

Are you picking up what I’m laying down? Haha

I know… That’s a lot of ignorance and stupidity to wrap your brain around.  I know I for one have struggled to understand the times we are living in… especially these past two years.  But stick with me… That is, only if you’re open to the possibility.  ;- )

But if you’re feeling me… Please Vote!

And if you are among the faux ignorant or even the cruelly stupid, all I have to say to you is… Get Out And Mingle Dammit…!  Meet some people other than the stupid ignorant people you’re used to dealing with!!

Now let me say this, ignorance and stupidity are not relegated to your social status, bank account, race, religion or your gender.  We are all subject to being ignorant of certain things from time to time… and sometimes we may even be accused of being stupid. No one knows everything… Right.

But my hope is that inside of us all there is a capacity for compassion, empathy and the willingness to try and understand that we all are connected… that we are all in this together. But again, only if we are open to the possibility.

Until next time… Be Well ❤



Published by

Carol A. Price-Cook

Hello, Hmm... What to say? I always hate filling in these "About Me" sections of the profile. I never quite know what to say. Or I'll start writing only to find I've gone over the character allotment and half the things I've typed are not there. Ok, I just looked... I don't see a character limit so here goes... My name is Carol, although sometimes I refer to my middle name (Andrea) which is the name that my family calls me and people whom I grew up with from a wee tyke. Anyway, I just quit my retail job. Did I mention it was in retail? Right... I was there for seven years until I finally decided I had, had enough... that my sanity, and my emotional and physical well being were far more important to me than a biweekly paycheck. Don't get me wrong... I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have had a job. It was exactly what I needed and where I needed to be at that point in my life. but right, this is exactly what I need and where I want to be at this point in my life. Being "jobless" can be a scary thing at times. But not having to punch a clock everyday allows me the opportunity to do what I love... Cultivating what makes me happy... Creating quiet beautiful spaces in my home... Learning about different ways of being and and reconnecting with Self. I am in the latter half of my fifth decade and finding it to be one of amazingly beautiful growth. I embrace my true voice and my own sense of style while finding different ways of cultivating my personal well being and sharing what I learned works best for me. I hope you stop by from time to time to say hello and join me on my journey. Be Well!

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