Style Search and Rescue

Being a woman whose coming up on her fifty eighth birthday at the end of the year (2018),  I’m feeling a need to reclaim my style and be more comfortable living in it.  That being said, lately I have been on a search and rescue mission to find my lost sense of style which for the past six or seven years has definitely been missing.  I have no idea where I misplaced it and honestly I haven’t been very confident without it.

For almost seven years my wardrobe consisted of the same drab and unmemorable items that were hanging in my closet.  And I paired this bland ensemble with whatever comfortable flat I could find before rushing out the door to the retail sales job (that I quit over a month ago) to get even more confidence sucked out of me.

If there was a psychological term to describe my look it would be labled to have Style Complacency Syndrome, or SCS. (That’s not a real disorder by the way so don’t Google it)

At the time I was very lethargic and lacked any feelings of self confidence.  And my style… in my opinion… brought me no joy or feeling of self confidence.  To be honest, my wardrobe was literally mimicking how I was feeling about life in general at the time. And I don’t know which came first, the bad wardrobe just not caring about my wardrobe.

I’m sure most of us would agree that if there is anything that conveys confidence it’s a women who’s comfortable with herself in every way, especially with how she looks.  And usually and most importantly,  it doesn’t really matter if what she’s wearing is trending at the moment or how much money she spent on it. She just radiates positivity.  I know that when I embrace my own sense of style it helps me to be more confident in other decisions I make.

When a woman puts together her look purely for her own enjoyment it produces a certain energy around her.  Her energy is a positive one.  She is her authentic self and she is fearless in how she projects her authenticity to the world.  She has her own voice and her own knowledge of who she is.  And while a sincere compliment is always nice… she needs no acknowledgment from anyone nor is she interested in anyone’s opinion of any of her choices, least of all what she wears.

That said, another thing I have been pondering is this idea that women of a certain age should dress for their age.  Do people still feel there are certain fashions that are off limits to women over the ages of 40,  50 and over… those of us in the more seasoned demographic?

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I recently read a short article on age as it relates to style:

Age Is More Than Just A Number When It Comes To Getting Dressed

By Amelia Diamond

“Within the last six or so years of working in an industry that revolves around clothes, I have noticed a considerable shifting away from”Age Rules” in fashion. Gone are the days of arbitrary parameters around what women must wear at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100… (I could keep counting decades — the rules used to feel this specific.)”

Amelia Diamond, Head of Creative at Man Repeller

So what do you think…  Are you still of the opinion that a woman should “dress for her age?”

I for one live by the “to each his/her own” motto.  But even though I tend to feel this way about other people and their choice of dress, I admit there have been times when I may have questioned my own choices based on my age.  I had to ask to myself if the reason I sometimes second guessed my outfit of choice had to do with valuing others opinions more than my own. Why is that? It really bothered me because who wants to be that person?

And so, here I am, on my reconnaissance/search and rescue mission to find out what my true base style is and  then reclaim and embrace it while adding to it pieces that speak to who I am right now.  Oh… and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks about it!

Be Well ~ ❤



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