Easter Morning

It is five o’clock on a Sunday morning. I sit in front of my computer. My thoughts are like elusive gold fish; fast and slippery. They swim erratically through my mind and I fail to lure any of them long enough to catch.

And then something occurs to me… It’s Easter Sunday. What better time to start again, renewed, refreshed… alive.

It also seems the perfect time to introduce to you the reasoning behind the title of my website/blog… Ellavate7.

Ellavate7 is a combination of my beloved mother Ella’s name and the fact that I am her 7th. child. It also signifies this moment in my life. It is a call to action. An internal longing to rise higher… to elevate!

So as I finish doing my morning stretch, turn the coffee maker on and check my phone, I sit back down at the computer. That school of elusive fish have disappeared, and my thoughts are calm.

I close my eyes.

An image of my mother appears and she is standing over my bed. I am a child again and it is Easter Sunday morning. A gloriously beautiful morning… but I am still in bed hiding from the world.

The early morning sunlight finds its way to my bedroom window, winks around the edges of the vinyl roll up shade and encases my mother in a breath taking halo of ethereal light. She pulls the crumpled bed sheets from my head… I giggle. In my heart her voice beckons me… “Get up Andrea… Elevate. It is a new day!”


Happy Sun~Day.


Published by

Carol A. Price-Cook

Hello, Hmm... What to say? I always hate filling in these "About Me" sections of the profile. I never quite know what to say. Or I'll start writing only to find I've gone over the character allotment and half the things I've typed are not there. Ok, I just looked... I don't see a character limit so here goes... My name is Carol, although sometimes I refer to my middle name (Andrea) which is the name that my family calls me and people whom I grew up with from a wee tyke. Anyway, I just quit my retail job. Did I mention it was in retail? Right... I was there for seven years until I finally decided I had, had enough... that my sanity, and my emotional and physical well being were far more important to me than a biweekly paycheck. Don't get me wrong... I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have had a job. It was exactly what I needed and where I needed to be at that point in my life. but right, this is exactly what I need and where I want to be at this point in my life. Being "jobless" can be a scary thing at times. But not having to punch a clock everyday allows me the opportunity to do what I love... Cultivating what makes me happy... Creating quiet beautiful spaces in my home... Learning about different ways of being and and reconnecting with Self. I am in the latter half of my fifth decade and finding it to be one of amazingly beautiful growth. I embrace my true voice and my own sense of style while finding different ways of cultivating my personal well being and sharing what I learned works best for me. I hope you stop by from time to time to say hello and join me on my journey. Be Well!

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